1st Ancillary Revenue Roadshow of PlusAirSolutions 2019

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PlusAirSolutions travels to one or two countries in a time period and go directly to the airlines' own offices and hold the customized workshop/presentation there.



October 2019

1st-10th - Spain, Portugal

14th-24th - UK, Scandinavia, UAE

25th-31st - France, Italy, Turkey

During the workshop PlusAirSolutions will support its claims, estimations, calculations using the 14 years of practical experience, working with over 400 providers, large LCCs, OTAs and traditional airlines.

Briefing of the free, custom tailored meeting:


1. Using its 14 years of experience PlusAirSolutions prepares the analysis of the airline's booking flow from the aspect of 3rd party ancillary products.

2. Sales channel (pre-, during and postbooking) and sales platform (desktop, mobile) mobility distribution experience and advices.

3. Consultation about increasing ancillary conversion (based on working with major European Airlines).

4. Business case for pilot or full project of mobility ancillary revenue by PlusAirSolutions.

For further information, please inquire at:

T            +36 1 920 1562

M           +36 30 665 7990