CEO Zsolt Kutasi's message to our Clients and Partners on the occasion of our company group's 10th anniversary

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Dear current and future Clients, Partners, 

I would like to greet you on the occasion our our 10th anniversary. 
I am very proud to be writing this message, because as a Hungarian company group, we have made considerable achievements over the past 10 years. 
I would like to give a very short overview of our 10 years. 

One of the members of our company group, P-Air Magyarország Ltd., was registered in February 2005, and in March we started work. As a result of our negotiations with Wizz Air from the beginning of 2005, we agreed, in the end of March 2005, to provide airport transfers for Wizz Air passengers in Budapest. Thanks to quick work, our booking system and our first service between downtown Budapest and Budapest airport was launched in the first week of 2005. 

In the same year, sales of our coach services on the London-Luton route started. The breakthrough, however, came in the end of the following year, when we agreed with Wizz Air Airlines that transfers be integrated in the airline's booking system. Our company became the exclusive transfer partner of Wizz Air.

In 2010 I have founded Plus Group Ltd. in order to expand the range of services provided by our company group. Plus Group successfully adapted and developed the business model. In 2012 Austrian Airlines accepted our business model for a test project. In 2013 Ryanair became our Client and successfully integrated our in-path and white label solutions for airport transfer services into their online sales system. Our network and service collection is expanding from day-to-day. On-board sales

Thanks to this, our company group went from strength to strength, in the spring of 2015, our results are manifest.

-Transfer services at over 100 airports 
-Over 400 routes 
-5 service types
-in-house developed in-path integrated IT solution 
-on-board sales
-together with our partners, over 500 international professionals work on operating the services
-0-24 multilingual customer services and automatic IVR call center
-booking site in 19 languages
-developments this year in areas giving high priority to IT and customer experience

I would like to thank all our Clients and Partners for your trust, and promise we will continue working hard on the continous development of our network and the quality of our services.

Best Regards,

Zsolt Kutasi