Safety policy of our company group

The safety of its passengers, employees and our partners’ staff is a primary concern for our company in the selection of services that it makes available through its sales channels.  We will only cooperate with companies that contractually commit themselves to rigorous safety standards.

Our company group makes the following provisions for the safety of their passengers. Failure of partners to conform is considered to be breach of contract.

1.    General

Our partners are required to:

comply with all national and/or regional regulations for providing transportation to clients that are introduced by our company;

be full informed and up-to-date regarding all developments in national and/or regional regulations respecting the services they provide and all types of vehicles they use;

to inform our company of all such developments;

use only registered vehicles and registered drivers for the provision to the client of transportation services.

2.     Vehicles

Our partners are required to ensure that:

all vehicles are serviced and receive scheduled maintenance check in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure compliance with local road traffic regulations;

all vehicles carry all necessary and appropriate safety equipment as required nationally or regionally;

every passenger has a seat;

all seats are provided with safety belts in so far as required by local and national regulations;

infants and children are provided with safe and appropriate seating of the highest standard, and in accordance with local and national regulations.

3.    Drivers

Our partners are required to ensure that:

their drivers perform pre-journey vehicle inspections every day;

all drivers are fit for duty; careful checking of this is required from our partners;

all drivers are legally entitled to drive: partners carry out regular checks of driving licences;

vehicles are legally eligible to travel on public highways in all area where transfers are provided; partners carry out regular checks of all relevant documentation;

the individual’s standard of driving is established as satisfactory prior to commencing employment;

drivers hours of Duty are properly regulated and effectively monitored;

drivers abstain from alcohol consumption before and during their duty period. The blood alcohol limit is 0.1 g/L (0.01 %);

smoking is prohibited in all buses and vehicles for both the driver and passengers;

drivers do not use mobile telephones whilst driving except on “hands free”;

a smart dress code is observed by all drivers;

they have sufficient drivers to operate all services.

4.    Other staff

Our partners are required to ensure that:

they have sufficient support staff to ensure the safe and timely running of services;

calls to the telephone numbers they provide for emergency availability are always answered promptly;

they operate with the most up-to-date information available regarding flight arrivals and departures at the airport where the service is provided.

5.    Complaints procedure and safety

Our company group has a very rigorous complaint procedure in which partners are required to participate fully and promptly. Our company uses information from customers to ensure and monitor:

vehicle, pick-up and drop-off point safety

safe driving by partners’ staff

the safety of all roads and routes used

safety in all aspects of transfer provision by driving and non-driving partner staff

6.    Emergencies

Potential emergency situations are covered by the following provisions:

partners are required to prepare their drivers and other staff for emergency events that might arise during pickup, transfer and drop off;

all of our partners have designated telephone numbers on which passengers can reach them in case of emergency;

partners staff are required to be able to deal appropriately with passengers who are under stress;

partner staff are authorised to refuse service provision to persons whose behaviour threatens the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others;

our company provides its own emergency number as a 24/7 backup and resource for our passengers.

7.    Accidents

In case of accident a thorough collision investigation procedure and a complete accident report are to be made.

8.    Insurance

Partners are required:

to hold full insurance cover in relation to all third party risks including but not limited to liability for damages for personal injury, howsoever arising, in respect of Passengers, employees or agents of our company;

to hold full public liability insurance to cover any injury to Passengers and third parties, and professional indemnity insurance to cover its potential liabilities under this agreement;

to hold all such insurance with reputable insurance companies, at a sufficient level to cover any liability Partner may have to our company or any third party;

to allow, if so required, our company to view the insurance policy;

not to do anything that may render the policy invalid or terminated.

9.    Subcontractors

Partner must ensure that when subcontracting any work to a third party to provide transportation services for clients introduced by our company, that all of the above requirements are adhered to prior to subcontracting.

Failing to take these steps is considered to be a violation of the contract. 

Our company reserves the right at any time to make personal visits to transfer provision locations to ensure that all the above requirements are met, or to send third parties to carry out this task.  If our company establishes by this or other means that a partner is not conforming to all the above requirements, the company in question will be removed from the list of accepted suppliers.