PlusAirSolutions - Milestones

2005 May First destination: BUD

2006 January Start LTN Airport transfer

2007 November We win Wizz Air tender

2008 January In-path booking system

2009 October Arriva PLC partnership

2010 August Improved call center technology

2011 February 20th destination

2011 May 'My booking' innovative passenger management surface 

2011 September Wizz Air partnership exclusivity

2011 October Booking information documents in 15 languages

2012 December Austrian Airlines became our Client

2013 March Ryanair became our Client

2013 December National Express partnership

2014 100th destination

2015 December Wizz Tours partnership

2016 January Passbook function

2016 February contract renewal with Ryanair

2016 June: over 80 Wizz Air airports served

2016 July transfers in the Ryanair mobile app

2016 August transfers at 55 Ryanair airports

2016 September Wizz Tours in-path integration

2016 October Czech Airlines became our Client

2017 March contract renewal with Wizz Air

2017 September Blue Air became our Client

2018 September expansion to the USA

2019 February contract renewal with Ryanair

2019 October Ancillary Revenue Roadshow

2020 February contract renewal with Ryanair

2020 June contract renewal with Wizz Air

2020 August Ancillary Revenue Roadshow 2.0

2021 January contract renewal with Ryanair

2022 January contract renewal with Ryanair

2022 March P-LABS reveal

2022 April Ancillary Revenue Roadshow 3.0

2022 June PlusAir Solutions 17th anniversary

2022 September Plus Ancillary Multi System (PAMS) reveal

2022 November contract renewal with Ryanair

2023 March contract renewal with Wizz Air

2023 March booking flow integrated airport transfers and lounge partnership with Air Arabia

2023 May 4th Ancillary Revenue Roadshow

2023 October P-LABS 1st anniversary

2024 February Third-Party Ancillary Revenue Workshop for Airlines