Transfers network

In Europe alone our team of professionals manage over 1000 people’s work. Thanks to our 19 years presence in the market we have built a huge partner network in many different regions.

Currently over 300 airports are covered by airport transfers only in our portfolio.

This network not only makes it possible for us to give our airline Clients a customised collection of airport transfers but also to continuously maintain competitiveness in the ancillary market.

The key of maximising ancillary revenue lies in offering optimised products to specific customer groups at each and every airport, and that is what our company group expertises in.

The four main products we offer are customized based on customer type / destination type combinations, where the airline's sales channels are considered as well.

  • Low-cost buses: cost effective product ideal for city visits 
  • Shared door-to-door shuttles: used mainly at leisure destinations for groups, families
  • Train/Metro: quick and convenient trip to specific locations in comfort
  • Private care services: pre-booked taxis, ideal in post-booking channels mainly