Airport lounge for airlines

Wide variety of airport lounge products are available at over 400 airports. All lounges can be booked in advance.

Independent Lounges are not affiliated with any specific airline and are open to all passengers, regardless of airline or class of travel. They may be operated by airport management companies or private organizations.

Airline Lounges are operated by airlines and are typically accessible to passengers flying in premium cabins or to frequent flyers. However in many cases PlusAir can offer these products to different airline customers as well.

Membership Lounges are a part of a membership program that provides access to a network of airport lounges worldwide regardless of airline or class of travel. Often are indepent or affilieated with smaller airlines.

First and Business Class Lounges are operated by airlines exclusively for first class or business class passengers, these lounges typically offer more luxurious aminities and services.

Arrival Lounges are located within the airport's arrivals area and are designed to provide amenities and services for travelers upon their arrival at their destinations.

Pay-Per-Use Lounges allow passengers to access their facilities on a pay-per-use bases, whithout requiring membership or elite status.