Resounding success of 4th Ancillary Revenue Roadshow

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We are delighted to announce the resounding success of the Ancillary Revenue Roadshow, where we had the privilege of meeting and engaging with various airlines.

The event provided an excellent platform for fruitful discussions and valuable insights into the evolving landscape of ancillary revenue strategies.

I am grateful for the overwhelming response from the airline industry, showcasing their commitment to exploring new avenues for revenue generation.

Moving forward, we are committed to upholding this tradition of connecting with airlines, both within and beyond the Roadshow.

We firmly believe that fostering face-to-face interactions is key to building strong relationships and finding innovative solutions to drive ancillary revenue growth. We look forward to further strengthening our connections and working hand-in-hand with airlines to navigate the dynamic challenges and capitalize on the untapped potentials of ancillary revenue.