Contract renewal with Ryanair – 6th year of booking flow integrated transfers

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Ryanair and PlusAirSolutions signed a contract to continue their partnership which started early 2013.

Through this cooperation PlusAirSolutions has been developing booking flow integration optimized airport transfers at over 60 airports to meet Europe’s largest LCC which carried nearly 140 million customers last year.

The airport transfers – dedicated for the cooperation – are offered through the airline’s website and its mobile app, both in the booking flow and the post booking channels.

During the past years the two companies developed an efficient cooperation with the help of which the sales of this ancillary product could be maximized.

PlusAirSolutions was among the first (if not the very first) companies who developed a way together with the airlines to offer airport transfers in the booking flow of the airline’s website. The effectiveness of this channel could and can be maximized by offering booking flow optimized transfer services, a very simple and resource saving technology, and the expertise in the products.


Mr. Zsolt Kutasi, the CEO of PlusAirSolutions said:

"I am very proud that we could prove again to such a successful airline as Ryanair that we are able to provide a high level of service in both expertise and technology. In the future we will continue our innovative developments to maximize ancillary revenue for Ryanair."


Mr. Greg O’Gorman, Director of Ancillary Revenue at Ryanair commented:

We are pleased to continue our partnership with PlusAirSolutions as we continue to expand our ground transfer services across our network in 37 countries.