The Era of Customer Experience - why we are different

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We are starting 2015 by launching several new projects connected to the development of our services and solutions.

In order to explore the potentials of the ancillary market even further, we have to concentrate on new aspects of the field that will enable us to satisfy the needs of both traditionally minded airlines and those with a more progressive outlook. This endeavour will determine our role in the market for the coming 10 years.

One of the main points currently being emphasized in the aviation and ancillary market is Customer Experience. This topic has had a high profile throughout the industry in the recent months, but to avoid any preconceptions we would like to highlight that Customer Experience - from our side - is all about synchronising our development in specific areas with those of our current and future airline Clients.

The key - and this has been our main policy for the past 10 years - is dedication.

Customer Experience is a topic we are looking forward to dealing with. As our standards of service quality and customer care have always been high, the projects in question are rather treated as tangible developments than visionary changes. But of course we aim to find the perfect formula.

Our future projects will cover all areas including IT, commerce, finance, operation, customer service and business development. In the coming months and years, our professionals will fully concentrate on creating and optimizing these developments, making it easier to set parameters for business cooperation.

With the help of our 10 years of experience we are able to identify the needs of multimarket approach airlines, which makes it possible for us to establish an even more competetive business structure.

To start with, we are focusing on efficiency, accelerating and simpifying operation, customer service, partner management, passenger satisfaction and tracking.

We have started the development of the solution which makes it possible to put all these feature into one platform. A mobile application.

Further articles on the topic are yet to come. Until they appear, feel free to explore our business model and the benefits of our easy-to-integrate ancillary solution.