Frequent flyer programme compatibility

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In response to feedback from airlines and increasing demand and enquiries, we are widening our portfolio for Summer 2015.

Our group of companies is is coming forward with more and more new developments - including the further development of the implemenation system - in synchronisation with the dynamic changes taking place in the ancilliary revenue market, and indeed protecting its position by being on the cutting edge in this respect, and thus meeting the requirements of airlines, whose outlook these days is becoming increasingly progressive.

Our solutions enable us to offer our existing and future airline clients a system compatible with the high-income generating loyalty programmes which they use.

The key point here - as with our business model and our existing client relations - is uniquely tailored solutions.

With the help of IT and commerecial developments, we are now, after careful analysis, offering our airline clients a solution uniquely tailored to their loyalty programs.

With the creation of loyalty programme compatibility, our overriding goal is not just providing a complete Customer Experience, but also making the airline ancilliary revenue system more effective.