Innovative mobile application - maximizing Ancillary Revenue

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One of the distinctive features of our company group is that we create solutions which not only help our own development but also ensure the maximisation of airline ancillary revenue and the quality of products on offer.

2015 will see an important milestone in our development - an innovative mobile application which will be available to our customers from the second half of the year.

The application will provide our passengers with the ability to manage their bookings and with information about booked products and the corresponding transfer services for return trips. With the help of this new indirect distribution channel, we will be able to optimize the increase of ancillary revenue for our current and future airline Clients.

Our collection of app functions will expand dynamically. One of these solutions will help our airline Clients to continually review the quality of the services.

In addition to these feature, there will be a line-up of several function groups, which, among other thing, will make it possible for our airline Clients to increase ancillary revenue whilst also raising service quality. Further details will be provided in our personal presentation, where future developments will be planned taking into account the needs of the airline.