Further increasing customer experience - London Luton Airport bus service

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        Our partnership with Greenline has always been a successful one, started way back in 2009.

        There was a point when (end of 2013) – due to the local competitive athmosphere and new airport regulations – we had no choice but to make a change and continue alongside with another provider.

        During the roughly 5 years of cooperation with the company for the London Luton Airport – London route the customer experience we provided together reached its peak. No complaints, no operative problems, it was very successful indeed.

        We are extremely happy to announce that from 10th June 2017 we are partners once again, focusing on providing the best customer experience ever in the history of London Luton airport transfers. This includes not only a priority boarding option for Wizz Air Passengers, but also means further improvement in competitiveness by offering cheaper ticket prices.

        The freshly made cooperation is an organic part of our renewed 3-5 year contract with Wizz Air, and we hope that together with Greenline we can reach and even top the successes of our former partnership.

        Focusing on customer experience has always played a significant role in our strategy, we keep working on new developments together with Greenlines to maximise customer satisfaction.