P-LABS Celebrates One Year Anniversary: A Year of Innovation and Growth

P-LABS, the esteemed IT brand of our company group, is thrilled to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Over the past year, our teams have diligently worked to identify, understand, and address the evolving needs and requests of the ancillary revenue industry. Leveraging this research, we are excited to introduce our flagship product, Plus Air Link, as a significant milestone in our commitment to third party ancillary revenue solutions.

This product is tailored to meet the specific demands of the aviation/ancillary revenue sector. One of its standout features is its scalability, ensuring that it can grow alongside our airline Clients' evolving requirements. As airlines continue to adapt to the ever-changing industry dynamics, P-LABS remains dedicated to providing flexible and scalable solutions to meet their needs efficiently.

Norbert Tarjányi, Director of Commercial and Business Operation stated:

By closely collaborating with key players and stakeholders in the aviation sector, PlusAir has gathered valuable insights and feedback, which have served as the foundation for the development of Plus Air Link. P-LABS is committed to exceeding expectations in its mission to revolutionize IT solutions for the ancillary revenue industry.

As we embark on our second year, I eagerly anticipate even more impressive developments and groundbreaking solutions from P-LABS. We are dedicated to shaping the future of the aviation industry through forward-thinking technology and unwavering commitment.

At the same time, we are looking forwardto introducing Plus Air Link to our current and future airline Clients.