Aeroflot and PlusAirSolutions signed a contract to provide global airport transfers for the airline's customers

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The cooperation between the largest airline of Russia and the company group specialized in booking flow integrated airport transfers makes it possible for the airline to expand its ancillary portfolio with new transfer options.

Aeroflot offers flights globally to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the American continent, the destinations of which will have airport transfers offerings during the cooperation.

The premium value and brand of Aeroflot is to be well represented by PlusAirSolutions, which being a strictly B2B company group is capable of keeping the customers in the airline sales channels in the long term, further improving customer loyalty. In the past 14 years of operation and working with different carriers PlusAirSolutions developed and established an infrastructure and background to serve such a large premium airline as Aeroflot.

Mr. Zsolt Kutasi, CEO of PlusAirSolutions said:

We are pleased that such a long-established airline like Aeroflot has chosen the services of our company. Our high business and operating standards allow us to work together to achieve our goals and thus enable the airline customers to use transfer services of the high quality they are used to throughout the entire global destination network of the airline.