The art of keeping everything in one hand

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It is interesting to see how important it is for the major airlines in the aviation market to have not only the product portfolio of third party ancillaries but also the integration/distribution.

More than a week ago the Aviation Festival in London ended, where many new airline relationships were made and valuable experiences were amassed.

The feedback we got from the airlines highlighted the importance of offering a technology which is compatible with several integration platforms, and offering different airport transfer service types.

And that is what PlusAirSolutions excels in. Keeping everything in one hand.

Different airlines have different needs, and we have been ready since the beginning to meet those. The airline needs in the ancillary revenue market brought us to a position where most of our Clients are low cost or low cost-full service hybrid carriers (e.g Ryanair, Wizz Air), but to serve full service airlines with premium services - such as private cars - is a must.

It is something PlusAirSolutions has been working on in the past years, and as a result our airport transfers portfolio is now consists of more than 450 airports.

Customer experience has always played a huge role in keeping the flight conversion rate high, and in case third party ancillary products are integrated into the booking path, it is even more important for the full service carriers.

There are different methods to keep the numbers high; one of them is to provide loyalty programme support to keep the airline customers in their sales channels in the long term. This could also be strongly supported by being a strictly B2B provider.