Contract renewal with Wizz Air – a story of 12 years’ cooperation

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The very first airline Client of our company group (at that time only the first member: P-AIR Hungary LTD. was present) was Wizz Air.

The whole story started in May of 2005, when we had our first talks about airport transfers with the airline. At that time, the concept of airport transfers being connected to airlines’ sales channels was quite young in the market. However, Wizz Air realised that developing different 3rd party ancillary revenue sources was indeed a crucial key to success. Now here we are, working together with an airline, which develops in an enourmosly fast pace, and is in the top 5 of European low cost carriers.

2007 was the year we won the Wizz Air tender and started working via a white-labelled and booking flow solution. Along with Wizz Air we were amongst the very first companies who started using this method. The booking flow integration showed results which are strong enough to keep the solution in the market in a very competitive position for over 10 years now.

Further developments followed: improved call center technology, expanded airport transfers portfolio, passbook function for transfers, etc. By 2016, we reached a 85 airport coverage of Wizz Air’s network, following the needs and requests of the airline.

We are satisfied with the results so far, and are constantly working on further developing our solution and portfolio to meet needs.

Mr. Zsolt Kutasi, the CEO of our company group said:

”We are absolutely satisfied with our past 10 years working with Wizz Air. As in every business there are ups and downs, but these are barriers which every company faces. Thanks to our hard working dedicated team we were always able to follow the trends Wizz Air dictated, and made developments which further increased customer satisfaction - and naturally – revenue for the airline.”

”The method of booking flow integrated transfer has always been our special territory, constantly proving its success in the market.”

Ms. Ildikó Márczé, Revenue Development Manager of Wizz Air commented the following on the occasion:

”We're pleased to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our partnership with P-AIR HUNGARY. At WIZZ we are committed to deliver an excellent customer experience at each phase of the customer journey and, in line with this, only partner with the best suppliers. P-AIR Hungary meets our high standards and we are confident our customers are also satisfied with the high-quality service the company offers. We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with P-AIR Hungary as we carry more customers by constantly expanding our network"